“Frequently Asked Questions About Pocket House Park Model RV’s”

“What is a Park Model?”

A Park Model is a home built on a single chassis with wheels meeting the national building standards code CSA Z241. A Park Model can be up to 538 Sq. ft. in size or less. Most park models will have a footprint of 12’ x 44’, 13′ x 41′ or 14’ x 39’. Park Models that are built to these standards will be identified with a CSA sticker and product number. These units are allowed to be transported on the roads with proper documents but are not meant to be moved often. To build larger than the 538 sq ft. or CSA Z241 code, different building code and licensing must be met. It is important that, wherever you are locating the park model to, the municipal rules and regulations of that jurisdiction accept the type of park model you are purchasing.
Park Models can be built as 3 or 4 season units. Three season units are often built to the bare minimum building code standards, while four season units vary significantly. Quality four season park models will generally be constructed with 2×6 studded walls holding an RR20 insulation rating, house wrap, interior vapor barrier, ½ inch drywall and dual pane low E windows.

“How long does it take to get our Pocket House Park Model?”

Your new Pocket House Park Model can be ready in about 12 months – depending on workload at time of ordering.

“What kind of foundation do we need when you deliver?”

Choosing the proper foundation for your Park Model is an important step and must be well thought out in advance of having your park model delivered.

There are a few options to choose from including simply blocking up the trailer with wood to take the weight off the wheel structure and distribute it evenly. This is an inexpensive popular option.

The use of various widths and depths of screw piles are a solid foundation solution giving the unit great stability and reduces/eliminates movement. Screw piles are also used for securing decks and park model additions. They use up little ground space and are economical.

Concrete pilings or solid cement foundation walls, like those on a regular house, are seldom used these days but may be an option for some communities.

“How do I choose which model will best suit my lot?”

When choosing your unit you need to know if the park model will be pulled onto the lot or backed onto the space so you are not surprised by having a reversed plan. Take the time to sketch a mini-scaled model on paper to see how to best use your space. Are the best views accessible by the window locations? Can you put a deck where you were hoping to? Is the main door going to be accessed by a small deck or stairwell? How do you access your parking area?

“Can you add on an addition?”

Some lot locations and municipalities allow additions to be added on to their park models thus increasing the living space significantly. If this is the case, ensure you know where the addition would best be placed and if it is going to work with the floor plan you currently are considering.

“Where can my deck be located?”

Deck location will have a significant impact on your use of the park model. Ensuring you are taking advantage of sun angles, wind directions, and door access points will give you maximum satisfaction.

“What are your set backs and lines of sight?”

Most developments will have specific setbacks required for the placement of your unit. If you should put your unit onto a foundation that encroaches on a neighbor, You may be required to adjust its position. Side, front and back setbacks need to be understood to maximize your fullest potential. If you know the setbacks for your neighbor’s land, you can also determine if future views may be eliminated or not as they develop their lot.

“What are your permit requirements?”

Call your local municipality where the Park Model will be situated before you go through the buying process to ensure the park model is eligible to be located there and to be used for your specific purpose. Proper zoning is required for the use of park model units throughout all of Canada.

“What is the Pocket House Park Model Warranty?”

For warranty details, please contact your Pocket House Representative.

“What is included with the unit?”

All units come turn key with all appliances and hardware. All you need is the furniture & window treatments.

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